Crowns and Bridges in Gig Harbor

Crowns and Bridges in Gig Harbor

What are Dental Crowns

Dental crowns cover teeth that have suffered trauma or severe decay. They also offer more protection and support for weakened teeth and can complete a restoration such as a dental implant procedure or a dental bridge.

Crowns can be made in various materials, but many people prefer porcelain crowns because they seamlessly blend with the rest of your natural smile. Crowns look and function just like regular teeth. They’re durable and are customized to fit the shape and color of your teeth.

Dental Crowns Process

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Bloomquist will numb your area to make sure you’re pain-free throughout the process. Porcelain crowns are typically placed in two appointments and consist of only a few steps.

There are many reasons we may place a crown, including:

  • If a cavity is too large for a filling
  • On a tooth that’s cracked, broken, or worn down
  • Following root canal therapy
  • To secure a dental bridge
  • To function as a tooth on a dental implant
  • Covering a misshapen or discolored tooth

What are Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a tooth replacement option that can restore multiple adjacent missing teeth. Crowns are placed on the teeth next to the gap, called abutment teeth, to secure your dental bridge. The gap is restored with natural-looking teeth called pontics.

The Dental Bridge Placement Process

A bridge can typically be placed in just two appointments. The process to a dental bridge is simple and can typically be completed in two appointments. There are four steps to placing a dental bridge, including:

  • Adjacent teeth will be prepared for crowns
  • An impression will be taken and sent to a lab
  • A temporary bridge will be placed
  • When your new bridge arrives it will be cemented in place

After your bridge has been placed, we will teach you how to properly care for your new smile. It’s important to note that while the process of receiving a dental bridge is simple, the process for an implant-supported bridge requires surgery and a few months of healing before the procedure is complete.

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